Argentina: Where North Meets South

My little trip to Argentina is shown through these pictures. In such a big country, I had the pleasure of meeting its two poles and its tummy.

I traveled to Argentina in 2011, sort of on impulse (#foreverdreaming). I started this trip alone in a biodynamic farm located in Santa Fe. I completed one month of cheese making and filling my brain with so much knowledge that I think that’s where I forgot how to tie my shoes in favor of knowing about cow manure. From there, I went up north on a lucky streak to Iguazu Falls where the earth cracks open and gallons of gallons of water fills her wounds.

I stayed in a little town called Capiovi where the red soil has no mercy and all your belongings start to turn red too. I mounted a 15-hour bus ride back to Buenos Aires where I met up with my parents only to take a plane ride down south two days after.

Patagonia, what can I possibly say about her? Like any tourist, we went to see the big daddy of Patagonia, Perrito Moreno. I saw it from afar, from the sides, I even had the pleasure of walking on it. This kind of trip goes into the list of things I will never forget.

Thank you Argentina, I sometimes forget you but that’s just because I have a lousy memory.

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