Awesome Skeletal System Illustration by Dan Beckemeyer


If you didn’t enjoy your anatomy classes back in high school, I bet you will appreciate it after taking a look at this amazing work of Illinois-based designer and illustrator Dan Beckemeyer. Find out why after the jump!

Images via This is Colossal

Although I must admit that my anatomy classes back then weren’t that bad, I got (and still get) a little squeamish whenever I see a real skeleton, just like many people out there. However, when I saw the clever illustration of the skeletal system made by Dan Beckemeyer, I couldn’t help but appreciate what he’s done. And yes, skeletons too!

To make his amazing and educational artwork, the Illinois-based illustrator and designer first drew a skeletal structure on abaca paper, then went on to stitch the cardiovascular system with red string. To top it all off in a creative way that many of us might have never imagined, he added some detailed hand-felted muscle mass. Definitely cool, don’t you think?

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All information for this article were taken from This is Colossal and Behance

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    Wow, I love anatomy drawings and this one is superb!

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