New York, New York: My Memorable Travel Escapade in 2011


Having visited New York a couple of times before this trip, we decided that we would visit different locations and see a more relaxing, chilled out side of New York, and it was definitely worth it!

Last year, after inheriting some money along with my sister, we decided to spend some of the money on a much longed for holiday. This was to include making a road trip around the South of Florida and the Keys (more of this to follow in another article). After looking around, it seemed that there would be no additional cost to spend a couple of days at the beginning of our holiday in New York so who was going to say “no”?

I have been fortunate to visit New York three times previously and each time a person who was on their first trip to NY came with us, so our previous trip all involved showing them around all the traditional tourist locations. On this visit, time was limited and we had both been there before so aside from the necessary quick shopping trip, we decided we weren’t going to do the normal locations we had done before and were going to visit new places. We were based in Chelsea and the whole time, we didn’t venture further north than 34th street. All the places we would be visiting were highly recommend and it was such a wonderful and relaxing couple of days, which didn’t feel like the usual New York at all.

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I have done the trip over the Brooklyn Bridge the first time I visited NY, but my sister has never had the chance so this was one location we wanted to do. It is definitely worth visiting and if you do, I would suggest getting on the subway over to Brooklyn then walk back over the bridge to Manhattan. Unfortunately, they were doing some work on the bridge when we visited, so bits were covered up but looking up, you could still get some great views of the bridge.

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The Highline opened a year after we visited New York last time so this was completely new for us and one of the reasons I wanted to go back and it certainly didn’t disappoint. It is a lovely open space in the middle of one of the busiest cities in the world. It is peaceful and quiet, and yet you can see the city and large imposing buildings all around you, similar to when you visit Central Park, but there is something different about this, maybe it is the elevated level you are at. There are various plants dotted along with water features, areas to sit or even lie on, details placed onto the floor and a lovely feature is that the pre-existing railway tracks have been kept, referencing its previous use before being left derelict and then being turned into a park. The entrance to the Highline was on the same street as our B&B so it was an easy walk and we then walked all the way to the exit down at the Meatpacking District.

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On previous trips I hadn’t spent much time in the Meatpacking, West Village, and Chelsea areas, so we spent the rest of the trip wandering around these areas, of course taking in the Lomography store. It is lovely around these areas if you want to experience New York without all the tourists and the crowds with a more laid back atmosphere.

Credits: rosebud82

We had such a great trip, probably one of my favourite visits, so next time why don’t you try and visit some places you may not have been before? After two-and-a-half days, it was time to leave New York and take our internal flight down to Florida for the rest of the holiday so stay tuned for the best bits of that.

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