Laura Lewis' Quest to Reunite Photos with Its Owner


Photographer Laura Lewis found something interesting inside a camera she recently bought. And she needs the community’s help! Curious? Let’s check it out.

90’s Indie rock revivalists, Yuck. Photo via Laura Lewis

Ever went to your storage room to open a box of your dad’s old cameras and discover that some of them still have films loaded in? What about hand-me-down cameras? Or in Laura Lewis’ case, she bought a second hand (what appears to be a Fisheye) Lomo camera and the previous user didn’t bother to finish or remove the roll inside. Curious, so instead of discarding the roll, Laura decided to have it processed.

Here are the photos from the roll:

Photos via Laura Lewis’ Facebook.

Also, here’s a recent tweet from her. She wants to reunite the photo and its owner and maybe our community will be able to help identify the person in the photograph. It’s a long shot, but it’s worth a try.

Screenshot from Laura Lewis' Twitter

Let’s help her out! If you happen to know the people in the photo or have any info that may lead us to the owner, share it in the comments. In the meantime, you can check Laura Lewis’ photography at her website.

Thanks to Grimbo for the tip.

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  1. ehmahh
    ehmahh ·

    I had an exposed film in a lot of film i bought from a bootfair that i knew nothing about, wrote in my blog about it!…

  2. myahcat
    myahcat ·

    Bought a camera second hand from a friend. Inside was a film that had snapped in there about 25 years ago. Managed to get some of the pictures off the damaged film, including one of my friend's mum, 25 years younger.

  3. jimmunro
    jimmunro ·

    I just bought a Brownie Camera with a roll of Kodacolor X that is almost 50 years old. There are 9 exposed frames on it. Do you think it's worth attempting to process? It also came with a photo processing envelope for United Film Club. Only 3.30/roll :)

  4. grimbo
    grimbo ·

    Glad I could help! Hope it gets somewhere :)

  5. walzjohn
    walzjohn ·

    The park looks like it might be forsythe park in Savannah, GA.hard to tell for sure though, but the guy is drinking a Red Stripe so I would look around for places that allow open container- not many do but Savannah does.

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