Lomokino Review: Making Home Movies Fun Again

Bringing analogue film into the movies, this little camera fills a gap in your analogue life that you didn’t even realize was there. Read more about what I think about the LomoKino after the jump!

First, I have to say that I love this camera! Normally, it takes me a few rolls of film and a couple of months for me to truly love a camera. But this, one I fell for straight away. Not because of its looks, though it looks fine. Not because of its ease of use, as we’ve had few bumps along the way. Rather, because of its results. The LomoKino creates some amazing results.

When you look at this camera as a camera – it’s difficult to see its potential — the resulting photos are grainy and often slightly blurred and the images are thin with mysterious specks. But this little device isn’t built for just photos, it’s built for videos, and that is where it really shines.

So, here’s a quick run down of the pros and cons of the Lomokino:


1. This camera is fun to use! It’s so fun in fact that I want to make little videos everywhere, I want to capture as much with it as I can and make videos all the time.

2. It is cheap. Compared to an LC-A or Lubitel, this little camera doesn’t break the bank and I think it’s worth every penny.

3. The results are amazing. I know I’ve said this before, but they are — the grain and the speckles come together to form wonderfully nostalgic videos that feel timeless and look great.


1. It eats film. Sure, you can get 30 seconds from one roll, but who wants just 30 seconds of video?

2. It can be difficult to scan. I take mine to the shop to be developed which results in slightly cropped frames and an uneven images. However, for £3 to get it scanned onto disc, I don’t mind the process of cropping the images and putting it together myself.

3. It’s odd to load. Not difficult as such, once you’ve figured it out, but the film has to go against its natural curve and it’s a bit of a pain to fight with. Watch tutorial videos and look at the instructions carefully!

However, I don’t think these cons should deter you from the LomoKino. The scanning and loading of the camera will get easier with experience and practice and having more film in your life is not necessarily a bad thing.

My favourite pro about this camera that I haven’t listed, is that I now have videos in my life — analogue videos! Analogue home videos! Other than occasionally using my phone camera, I am an exclusively film photographer and before getting this camera I never thought of making films or videos of my life. Now, I have more ways to share it with people, more ways to capture the atmosphere, the light and the feeling of my every day life, and also the new experiences that I have, in a way that I think reflects me best: through film.

This little camera has made sharing my life exciting again. Rather than having to go further a field to take photos of new places, I’m now making videos of places I go everyday, whether its walking to work, or around the nearest tourist attraction. And for that, I think this camera is worth all the negatives, all the effort and definitely all the film.

Check out the videos that I've made with my Lomokino!

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