Clever Camouflaged Self-Portraits by Cecilia Paredes


Artists and photographers have been creating self-portraits for years, putting themselves at the core of their selected works. However, instead of making her likeness stand out, Chilean artist Cecilia Paredes prefers to conceal herself in her interesting artworks. Learn more about her camouflaged self-portraits after the jump!

Image via Trendland

At first glance, it seems that the works of Chilean artist Cecilia Paredes are no more than pretty wallpaper designs. However, if you look closer, you can see someone cleverly camouflaged against the flowers and foliage. It’s none other than Paredes herself, effectively making herself a part of the artwork and not just the artist behind it.

Paredes explains that her works do not merely create an illusion of “disappearance” but also depict her “quest of belonging.” The theme of her work, she explains, is about “re-location after displacement and migration, and how one has to adjust in order to belong. Tough it is, but is has to be done, without forgetting our origin.”

Born in Lima, Peru, Paredes most likely drew inspiration from her personal experiences, as she now resides and works between Philadelphia, San Jose, and Costa Rica. To create her unique artworks, Paredes paints her own body so she can blend in with the designs she created.

Take a look at some more of her amazing work below:

Image via Trendland

Information for this article were taken from Trendland, and Feature Shoot.

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