Catching Up With Our LoBlography Malaysia Challenge Winner: Melmonica!

Let’s catch up with our miss popular, Ms. Melissa Newton, a.k.a Melmonica, who wins away a brand new Lomo LC-A+ from our LoBlography Challenge. Check out how things are going on after Lomography came into her life!

Photo by melmonica

Name: Melissa Newton
Age: 26
City/Country: Currently Petaling Jaya, Malaysia
LomoHome: melmonica

Can you tell us something about yourself?
I’m stuck in my childhood. I’m a carefree person who lives by no rule.

What do you do for living?
Professionally, I’m a brand executive who works in a digital advertising agency. I also blog and photograph for that extra dollar.

Congratulations for being the grand winner of LoBlography Challenge Malaysia! How did it feel when you were informed that you actually won an LC-A+?
I was actually asleep when the news went out. I was woken up by SMS notifications of my friends congratulating me. Then, it was all over my Twitter and Facebook; friends tagged me to the article. When the news finally sank in, I screamed with joy and jumped on the bed like a lunatic!

Was that the first time you came across the products of Lomography?
The competition was the first time I was exposed to the world of Lomography. Prior to that, I had zero knowledge of it.

How did you feel when you started shooting with the LC-A+ for the first time? Have you encountered anything interesting?
I was pretty nervous, honestly. I was afraid that all my pictures would turn out blank (like how it was when I first used the La Sardina). And my LC-A+ first shot was in a rock concert/ pool party at Hard Rock Hotel, Penang. The color turned out great!

Photo by melmonica

Describe the LC-A+ in five words:
Amazing surprises (only) in your wildest dreams.

What is the definition of analogue lifestyle to you?
Analogue was a foreign thing to me. But as I learned about it, I find it kinda expensive! However, the beautiful thing about it is, it’s very impromptu; analogue photography is something that you do not plan. Perhaps you can visualize the picture in your head but how it turns out is totally unpredictable.

If you could take your camera and a sack of film anywhere in the world right now, where would you go and why?
Spain! I have always wanted to go there. I’m in love with the culture, the city, the architecture, vibrant and lovely people. Oh, imagine all the pictures you can take there!

What’s your favorite photo in the collection and why?
It’s difficult to pick one favourite photo but if I must choose then it would be this. I’ve always wanted to take pictures of cats (‘cause I love ‘em) and didn’t know how it would turn out, but this at least turned out great.

Photo by melmonica

Life is awesome with the LC-A+!

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