LomoKino Fisheye Modification


A quick and easy modification to make your LomoKino see through fishy eyes!

If you’re feeling experimental with your Lomokino then you might want to try this modification to film through fishy eyes. It’s super easy to do, and you only need a few materials to get yourself going.

What you will need:

  • a door viewer
  • blu-tack
  • black electrical tape
  • LomoKino

I used a Lockwood door viewer that requires a 13mm hole drilled in the door and was $15. I chose this one over a cheaper 12mm viewer because after looking through them I figured out that the larger one gave me a larger viewing field. I did this whilst they were still in the packet so if you do have a selection to choose from then I recommend comparing them and select the best one from there. To figure out which is best choose a focus point that you will look at then see how much you can see either side.

How to assemble your fishy friend:

First you need to take the door viewer out of it’s nice casing so you just have the screw & lens part.

Then get a little bit of blu-tack and roll it into a log that is long enough to fit around the base of the viewer and place it on there.

Next, gently place the door viewer and blu-tack vertically into the bowl around the Lomokino lens. When you put it in you should feel the viewer slip through the blu-tack which is what you want. Then press down the blu-tack to fill in the gaps and make sure that it is secure and straight. Most viewers should be able to fit into the Lomokino lens space after removing the smooth casing.

Finally, cut some pieces of the black electrical tape and place over the blu-tack. This is to prevent any unwanted movement and it also makes it look a lot nicer.

For this modification I would recommend using a very fine grain film that is in date, as in my example below I used Agfa Vista 200 film that was out of date and grainy. Because you are cutting down the frame so dramatically it is best to use a very good film so you capture a clear image.

The results!

✘ Vimeo: https://vimeo.com/35195989

I also attempted to just use the top of the viewer (to make it look less like a LomoKino Dalek) which looked like this:

Again, secured with blu-tack

But the film turned out like this:

This happened because in the door viewer there is a little magnifier which pulls everything into focus so it is important that you keep the long barrel! For transporting your modification I suggest a small box with padding or I used some paper tape to secure the Lomokino to the box so the door viewer would not get bumped in transit.

I hope you enjoy your new LomoKino Fisheye movies!

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  1. jackpumpkinhead
    jackpumpkinhead ·

    Top tip! Thanks can't wait to try it!

  2. lomovic
    lomovic ·

    LOL! That modification looks disasterous--like the footage it produced. I think the Lomokino camera needs to be redesigned. I like the idea of shooting 35mm movies inexpensively, but the Lomokino just isn't it.

  3. reminator
    reminator ·

    haters gonna hate, lomos gonna lomo!

  4. ojjvz
    ojjvz ·

    Isn't that the fun of lomo? using the crappiest camera that can get the job done?
    Yes it could be better, but I don't think most people mind here.

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