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The Lubitel-2 Twin-Lens Reflex camera is a redesign of the original Lubitel, enhanced with a couple of new features.

The Lubitel lineage started in 1949, several years after the GOMZ (Gosularstvennyi Optiko-Mekhanicheskii Zavod, eventually renamed as LOMO) in St. Petersburg created a twin-lens reflex camera named “Komsomolets” (“Young Communist”), a replica of a 1938 German Voightlander “Brilliant” camera. Aimed at amateur photographers, the Lubitel (which literally translates to “amateur”) came to light as the “mature Komsomolets.” Features were improved, like a wider range of shutter speeds and a faster viewing lens.

While the Lubitel skyrocketed with over a million units sold worldwide, the guys back at GOMZ were already considering a new model. A redesign was planned – throw in a self-timer and a flash sync, but retain the good features … and that’s when the Lubitel-2 was born.

The new model still guaranteed razor-sharp pictures as the Lubitel, with its 75mm “Triplet-22” glass lens that yields high contrast and color. Another outstanding feature is its clear finder, which allows easy composition of photos even in low-light situations!

written by shhquiet on 2008-05-25 #gear #120 #review #lubitel #staff #tlr

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    i want fillter for lubitel2!!

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