My Favorite Patch of Greenery: Kledang Hill at Menglembu, Perak

Kledang Hill at Menglembu – a relaxing greenery place that you will love. My hubby and I go to Kledang Hill for exercise and to release some stress once a week. It’s a very nice and peaceful place for exercising, surrounded by all the nature – green trees, monkeys, waterfall, fresh air and more.

It’s located at Menglembu, which famed for the “Menglembu Peanuts”, a brand of peanuts that are processed and packed by a factory situated in the town. People go to this neighborhood as well as from other housing areas in the morning and evening.

From the foot of the hill, you can walk/exercise though a narrow road leading you to the peak of the hill. The green environment here is great for those who want to escape from stressful city life, for those who love nature, and for those who love exercise.

You may see monkeys hanging around the area. If you are lucky, they might be posing in front of your camera. There are people who bring fruits to feed them also.

Along the way, you will see a small waterfall. So just wet your towel and wash your face/hands after the long walk. The cold water is very refreshing. The air here is also much cooler because of the running water from the waterfall. You will also see a lot of pavilions along the way. This is where you can stop, take a rest or have a drink.

There is also some exercising and reflexology facilities along the way, so just stretch your legs and your muscles here while enjoying nature. As you make your way up to the hill, you will see a garden full of beautiful flowers, fishes, and the statutes where you can stop and take some photos.

After a long walk, you will find some stalls selling fruits, coconuts water, and other refreshments at the foot of the hill. You can always see batches of people sitting at the stalls; drinking and eating fruits, while re-filling their energy.

So, if you are stressed out after a hard work week, do come here during the weekend for the refreshing and green environment. If you are longing for nature or for some exercise, this is also a great place for you.

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