The Square Paintings of Jean-Marc Bustamante

Until February 25th, 2012 Galerie Thaddaeus Ropac, Paris is hosting an exhibition of new works on square screen-reprinted Plexiglas by French artist, Jean-Marc Bustamante.

Radiant, 2010, Ink on plexiglas with steel frame, 150 × 150cm (59 × 59 in)

This new body of work, titled Colorito-Colorado, refers (not in its title) to the Renaissance. During the Renaissance, the determining characteristic of the Venetian school was colour. Venetian artists preferred to achieve form by applying paint directly in layers – thus, in a way, anticipating the Impressionists.

First image: Crina, 2010, Ink on plexiglas with steel frame, 150 × 150 cm (59 × 59 in). Second image: Frost, 2010, Ink on plexiglas with steel frame, 150 × 150 cm (59 × 59 in)

This series demonstrates Bustamante’s endeavour to gain an understanding of colour-painting. The explosion of colour on Plexiglas originates from an expansive application of large strokes and patches of colour with felt pen on graph paper. Each drawing is then transformed and simplified through computer-processing.

Mercator, 2010, Ink on plexiglas with steel frame 150 × 150cm (59 × 59 in)

Far removed from any relation to traditional techniques, this is a new kind of painting. But for Bustamante, for whom industrial processes have been a constant throughout his career, this is simply a continuation of the past three decades of work.

Installation view of Jean-Marc Bustamante: The Square Paintings

Bustamante lives and works in Paris. He participated in Documentas 8, 9 and 10, and designed the French pavilion at the 2003 Venice Biennale.

The source of this article is Ropac.

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