Analogue Bucket List for 2012: Analogue Goodies Wishlist


I now step into the 3rd year of my analogue life. Even if I own some great Lomographic cameras already, and they help me enjoy a lot in the analogue life, I’m still wishing for more great analogue goodies in the future. Here’s my bucket list.

Fujifilm Natura Classica

The Natura Classica is the so-called “moonlight camera” with a zoom lens that has F2.8 aperture at 28mm wide, together with NP mode for high ISO value films (800 or above), amazing image result at dim light. I love street night shots but hate holding tripods for that. After looking at the reports and photos of Natura Classica, I’m sure that it will be in my “must have” list.

The LomoKino Movie Maker

The LomoKino creates a really a big impact to the analogue market. Lomography tells us that film is not just for still images, even after 2000s! The analogue life can be much more in-depth! I can record my daily life in every roll of film in144 frames. I get more continuous shots, more great moments captured, longer time for people to watch what you captured. I really want to have one and record fun or meaningful movies on film! Soon, some directors will put down their DSLR or DV, and choose LomoKino as the tool to make movie and music videos too!

LC-A+ Wide Angle Lens

The LOMO LC-A+ is definitely my all-time-favorite camera. But I always want more options. I use the LC-A+ for both usual street photography, or take wide-angled landscapes, close-up of food and animals, etc. With the same camera, I can capture either 32mm or 20mm fisheye-like shots with the Wide Angle Lens! And the 35cm closest focal length helps me apply “Golden Rule #5: Go Close!” So, I put it into my bucket list as well.

Hey guys, how about yours?

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  1. smu
    smu ·

    I can only talk for the Natura Classica: It really IS a great camera for low light environments. As you mentioned that you don't want to use a tripod, I guess it will be right for you... I got mine recently and only spooled 1 rool through it, but I already do not regret that buy! You can find many cameras, that could do the same, because a lens speed of 2.8 is good, but not uinquely good. For example the common Helios 44-2 lens has a speed of 2.0 wich will perform even better in that cases (Especially with a 1600ASA Film) - BUT the main features of the Natura are in the operability: Have you ever tried to focus on an object in low light situations? Not an easy Task! And this is the main profit of the Natura Classica. Check out my Album Hunting Cars (…) where most pictures were taken indoors with minimum light or tungsten lights. All pictures are shot without a tripod and without any clue how it would end, as this was my first roll. Only thing that you have to keep in mind is that the Superia 1600 Film (wich I consider to be the only 1600 ASA color Film) is quite expensive. Anyway, I absolutely recommend this camera. Hope that helped a little bit.

  2. cwyeung
    cwyeung ·

    @smu There's another favourite ISO1600 film by Fujifilm, called Natura 1600~

  3. smu
    smu ·

    Wich is rebranded Superia 1600 ;) - And absolutely unavailable in my area....

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