Holga 135 - Staff Review


The Holga 135 is the 35mm version of the iconic “plastic fantastic” Holga camera.

Sometimes 120 film is just so hard to come by, and using 35mm film to take pictures with your Holga means having to modify your medium-format camera. It’s fun to do, but quite time-consuming. The Holga 135 has made things easy – it especially uses 35mm film, but retains the Holga features that you’ve always loved - plastic lens (which gives a soft effect to your images), uncoupled advance and shutter (for easy multiple exposures), variable aperture (with weather icon guide), variable shutter speeds (N for daytime, B for long-exposures), standard hotshoe flash, and tripod and shutter release threads (for unnecessary blurring and shaking).

Put simply, this is the camera for those who like the Holga’s lo-fi appeal, but prefer the convenience of 35mm film! However, if you like sprockets in your Holga 35mm, the DIY modification is still the way to go.

wilber speaks highly of his Holga 135. “This cute unrefined piece of plastic may give the impression of a horrible, fabricated untouchable but deep in its molded flesh lie pure imagination! You may be tempted by his evil twin the 135bc, but don’t be fooled, with some alterations (like using a mask) you can have those deep sensual corners!” Take a look at his photos (1-9) in the gallery!

written by shhquiet on 2008-05-25 #gear #35mm #review #staff #holga


  1. xbalboax
    xbalboax ·

    this isnt the worst camera, i shot a few rolls with it and got some mediocre results. used the colorsplash flash with it, and alot of the shots can out really out of focus. if you have to choose, spend the money and get the original holga, you cant beat it. ill give it another shot though. you never know

  2. maddyoulook
    maddyoulook ·

    i love mine :)

  3. anarchy
    anarchy ·

    I've shot 2 rolls with my Black Corner Holga 135 and I am very happy with the result! Just check out my albums "Finland Vs. Spain" and "Tripples"...
    I used the Lomo Xpro Slide 100 film on both albums. The "Tripples" shots were taken on a very bright and sunny day and on the "Finland Vs. Spain" photos I used a flash on most of the shots...For me it was love at first sight!

  4. yoharryo
    yoharryo ·

    I quite like mine, I find it easier to throw in a bag (and half forget about, only for it to reveal itself in that perfect moment) than the LC A was.
    Though, I would quite like to try the 120 Holga, there is something appealing about those lo fi squares of reality.

  5. mephisto19
    mephisto19 ·

    i really love my holga135, too! it is a nice, leightweighing camera and it makes so cool images! really! and it is cheap! and it takes 35mm- film.... JAAAAAAAAAAA

  6. g_ray
    g_ray ·

    The black brick of lomo...feels good to grip in your hands. The great thing is to be able to use just any 35mm film, easily do multiXposures (REALLY EASY), slot in the colorflash and voila!...u have yourself a Colorsplash camera! 3 in 1 tool! - Holga, Colorsplash, a lil bit of lc-a love :) I've neglected mine :( I'm sorry Holga! That Diana seduced me! I promise I shall date you again..soon! with all my heart & soul!

  7. johan34370
    johan34370 ·

    Can't wait to try my new one! :)

  8. wilarbadson
    wilarbadson ·

    My Holga are my only love!! :)

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