Cornwall’s Forgotten Corner Part 1: Whitsand Bay


Cornwall is surely one of the busiest tourist destinations in Britain. Miles of sandy beaches and rocky coves, picturesque fishing villages, and serious surf spots see to that. But there is a forgotten corner of Cornwall overlooked by many tourists on their way to the Newquay or St Ives. Whitsand Bay is one part of it.

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Whitsand Bay is a large sweep of south facing coastline, just across the county border into Cornwall. At the bottom of steep cliffs there are miles and miles of beautiful sandy beaches, which almost no one knows about.

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On top of the cliffs sit dozens of small huts; some close together forming mini villages, others completely isolated.The huts are quite basic. All have running water and bottled gas to cook with, some have small wind turbines or solar panels to generate a little electricit but what you sacrifice in creature comforts you make up for with stunning views. It is a fantastic place to sit outside with friends and enjoy dinner together.

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Sit high on the cliffs, you can watch the sun going down each evening and be treated to the most spectacular sunsets. I couldn’t stop taking photos of the sunset the whole time we were there. When the sun had gone down, I even managed to get a nice photo of the moon shimmering on the sea.

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The reason that the beach below is virtually deserted is because it is a long walk down some very steep steps. When you do get down there, you will find a wide sandy beach to explore and enjoy. It’s great fun finding your hut on the cliffs and then waving at anyone who didn’t make the trip down the cliffs. There is also the site of the beach cafe, which gets it supplies up and down the cliff using the carcass of a shopping trolley attached to a pulley and winch.

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If you do visit this beautiful corner of Cornwall, you will not be disappointed.

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