Get Blown Away by Community LomoAmigo Shoujoai's LomoKino Movie


Shoujoai’s latest LomoKino movie ‘Smoking Kills!’ has literally blown us away! After seeing this great piece of art we were curious about her experiences with the camera as well as her future movie plans. Read more about Ira and her LomoKino adventures.

Credits: shoujoai

Full Name: Ira V.
Lomography Username: shoujoai
Location: Düsseldorf, Germany

Tell us about yourself. What do you do for a living? What are your interests?

I’m a 29 year old girl from Düsseldorf, Germany. I am working for a company which creates software for metal industries. In my free time I shoot a lot of pictures. Since the day I started with Lomography I am taking my cameras everywhere I go. I like traveling, and luckily my job allows me to travel a lot. When I’m not taking pictures I read comics and books or hang out with friends.

How long have you been a Lomographer and how did you find out about the Community?

I started with Lomography in November 2009. I’ve noticed on facebook that some friends were discussing about Lomolitos and single use cameras. I had no idea what it is, but I used single use cameras sometimes (I never owned a digital cam), and therefore I was interested and searched for more. When I found the Diana F+ Snowcat, I had to buy it, and since then I am lost… ;)

Describe the LomoKino in five words.

Analogue, Super35, stop-motion, smart, fun!

How did you like shooting with the LomoKino?

I love it! It’s such a smart idea, and I wonder why it took so long to invent it. From the moment that I saw it, I wanted one. It is really simple, but the results are great. What I like most, is, that it is even useable with a flash.

Any funny or strange encounters you’ve had with it?

Not yet as I only did five or six films until now. Only some people in the streets who are watching it curiously, one time I was walking behind my girlfriend and filming her, and an old man, who was going out with his dog, was waiting until I passed, before he continued his way. Seemed like he was a bit afraid of this strange noise behind him.

If you could have any person alive or dead (or imaginary) in your LomoKino movie, who would it be and why?

Charly Chaplin, because he has that interesting face and that kind of impression, that makes a silent movie unforgettable.

What’s your favorite LomoKino movie?

There are some great movies in the community, for example “Ghost on the Beach” by satomi or “The Sad Story of Princess Ines” by susielomovitz, but the film that impressed me the most, is that one with the giant teddy bear in LomoKino Presents: L'incroyable histoire du Dr. Lomotnik.

Any future plans with your LomoKino?

I have a lot of ideas for pictures in general, which I write down on little papers. Then I put them in a box and wait for their big day. I could imagine doing more “Smoking Kills” films because I like the idea of somebody smoking, and then dying in a funny way. I think I will watch some silent movies, to get more ideas. Also I think that I will do more films in summer, the German winter is very grey and depressing for Lomographers.

Your advice to future LomoKino users.

Have fun with your LomoKino! When you want to film a funny situation, try to invest the whole roll of film for it, and not only three or four frames. It shouldn’t be too short. And try stop-motion techniques, the camera is perfect for it!

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