Video Gaming: Blast From the Past


Hi! Professor Cameron here, with the first in a series of introductions to the grooviest new trends you’d be happy we made your acquaintance with before you stepped out into that ever-changing world of ours. So wipe that question mark off the chalkboard and let teacher take over!

I was flicking through the channels on my tube cube while I was mixing up a pasta salad and came across this commercial…

It instantly made me want to through some pretzels into the concoction. Lucky for me, I didn’t! I have to admit, I was intimidated by all the intense flashes of color and fast movement. I wondered how people with an average hand-eye coordination, such as myself, would fare in this age of the video game that is just now coming into full swing.

Thirsting for, no, not some off-brand soda, but cold, hard facts I started flicking through my impressive list of 20 channels and, luckily, found what I was looking for…

✘ Youtube:

A news broadcast showing the new Super Mario Bros. being played on the Nintendo Entertainment System, the newest console to hit the market. The Atari 2600, on which the Ms. Pac-Man game was released, predates the Nintendo by almost a decade! I can’t wait to get my hands on this new 8-bit system, being a lover of new technology and all.

While pondering whether or not I should make the purchase, intrigued by the thought of stomping angry faced mushrooms, a few weeks slipped by without my noticing as I was engulfed in work. I payed a short visit to the UK for an academic conference where I saw this Look Around You interview that reminded me of the tug o’ war I’d been having. Also, with the holiday season around the corner I visited a few department stores to check for special deals. It was in one of these malls that I happened upon the following broadcast…

I should have never watched it because it’s made it even more difficult, with the introduction of the 16-bit, Sega Genesis!

Regardless of my decision, I’d better make it fast, as the snippet of Game Boy commercial points out “You don’t stop playing because you get old…but you could get old if you stop playing.” Ulp!

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  1. mikeray80
    mikeray80 ·

    I think Nintendo's slowly going away. The torch has been passed to Sony and Microsoft. I had both Nintendo and Sega consoles. I was a loyal Sega console fan till it's last leg. When/If Nintendo's time does comes, it will be weird seeing Mario on Xbox and Playstation. Just like it was weird seeing Sonic on Nintendo, Playstation and Xbox. The 90's were a great time to be into video games. Good article.

  2. djramsay
    djramsay ·

    roll 2030 !! :D

  3. soundfoodaround
    soundfoodaround ·

    @mikeray80 Good insight! Let's hope to enjoy the classics on the consoles they were originally released on for some time yet. Thanks!

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