Fantasy Anatomical Drawings


A collection of anatomical illustrations may sound droll. What about if they were ‘imagined’ anatomical illustrations that look like the historic science illustrations of flora and fauna we are used to but aren’t quite anatomically correct! Illustrator Katie Scott even uses yellowing paper to complete the overall ‘olden’ look.

Human anatomy. Images via Katie Scott

When two genres of illustration collide the images shown in the above and below galleries are the result! Who would have thought fantasy could be mixed with science…wait…so that’s what SciFi is all about! Actually, these illustrations remind me of the animated science fiction film, Fantastic Planet.

We love the above series of baseball players in action. If all it takes to hit a homer is to grow a peacock tail brain then we’re on it. What a no-brainer! And, we love how the one being’s colorful set of organs are jam-packed, into his body. It’s somewhat of a magical octopus’s garden, and it could very well be that The Beatles could are off exploring the coral looking vitals in a shrunken yellow submarine!

Plant and animal anatomy. Images via Katie Scott

These creatures and plants appear flights of fancy, as a true person of science would have no use for these made-up, albeit detailed, drawings. However, we all could be gravely mistaken in our assumptions that the billed frog, or bird-headed squirrel, are all creatures within modern mythology. They could be perched on one of the extensively barnacled trees in an unexplored neck of your very own woods!

For more of Katie Scott’s works, visit her tumblr.

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