Jean Dubuffet's The Last Two Years

Pace Gallery on 510 West 25th Street, New York is presenting an exhibition of works by Jean Dubuffet until March 10th, 2012. Find out more about it after the jump.

Mire G 6 (Kowloon), February 13, 1983, acrylic on canvas-backed paper, 26-3/8″ × 39-3/8" (67 cm x 100 cm)

Jean Dubuffet (1901–1985) was one of the most enigmatic painters of the twentieth century. He coined the term “Art Brut,” a predecessor to outsider art of the late 1940s.

Jean Dubuffet, Expansion, August 16, 1984, acrylic on paper, 26-3/8″ × 39-3/8" (67 cm x 100 cm)

During the final two years of Dubuffet’s life, his canvases exploded with raw emotion. Fluid intertwining lines and radiant colors that seem drawn from an alternate reality permeate the artist’s mental landscapes on paper.

Mire G 61 (Kowloon), May 4, 1983 (altered January 10, 1984) acrylic on paper mounted on canvas 26-3/8 × 39-3/8" (67 × 100 cm)

Nearly twenty works drawn from the final two bodies of work by the artist (Mires and Non-Lieux) are on view in New York.

From February 1983 to February 1984, Dubuffet painted the Mires series exclusively. These paintings were “Test Patterns,” as the artist referred to them.

Jean Dubuffet, Mire G 67 (Boléro), May 11, 1983, acrylic on canvas-backed paper, 26-3/8″ × 39-3/8" (67 cm x 100 cm) Estate of the artist

Dubuffet’s final series, painted in 1984, were entitled Non-Lieux. These paintings were intended to challenge the objective nature of being. They are an exercise for training the mind to deal with a being that it creates for itself rather than one imposed upon it.

Jean Dubuffet, Mire G 96 (Kowloon), June 22, 1983, acrylic on canvas-backed paper, 26-3/8″ × 39-3/8" (67 cm x 100 cm)

In his lifetime, Jean Dubuffet was the subject of twelve major museum retrospectives including one at the MoMA. For more information about Jean Dubuffet: The Last Two Years, please visit “”

All images were taken from The Pace Gallery.

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