Come Down to Chinatown with Tooth Relic Temple


Chinatown is a place filled with Chinese culture, Chinese people, food, buildings etc. It is an important and favourite place for Chinese people who have been living overseas especially in western countries. It is where they find Chinese cuisine which they miss, streets with Chinese-inspired decorations (red lanterns, small God altars and many more) and most importantly, people of the same race. I would like to introduce a place in Chinatown (Singapore) and it is a must-see location. It is the Buddha Tooth Relic Temple which was built in 2007 and located in Temple Street.

The temple was designed based on the Tang Dynasty style which comprises both the art and culture of Buddhism. There is a sacred item which the temple holds and it is the Sacred Buddha Tooth in a magnificent Relic Stupa composed of gold donated by devotees. The Buddha Tooth Relic was handed over by Ven. Cakkapala to Ven. Shi Fazhao in 2002 and exhorted that the new guardian is to build a monastery if the opportunity arises so that Buddhists all around the world would gather in Singapore to pay reverence, thus connect with Buddha and increase in both blessings and wisdom.

It is an ideal place for the Chinese to pay a visit to the temple if you want to know more of Buddhism and view the statues. Don’t worry if you can’t read Chinese, there are also English translations available inside the temple to let you know more. For a lomographer, it is also a nice and interesting place for shooting. But before you decide to head down, please remember that no flash is allowed inside the temple, no skimpy attire especially for the ladies, no non-vegetarian food, and lastly, no pets. Enjoy!

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