Fashion Production Process in Stop Motion

The First cycle is a stop motion animation fashioned for fashion designer Borre Akkersdijk. In the piece that aired at the Paris fashion week, as an introduction to the fashion show, the audience is introduced to the creative concept of the designer through fiction.

Interestingly the Motion cabinet, the compact and mobile stage on which the stop motion film was released, was created by Niels Hoebers who is also the creator of ‘The First cycle’.

The animation of the otherwise inanimate article of clothing is superb. There are a few video games and films out there that have convincingly animated sack-puppets and other scraps of material, and this stop motion teaser to Paris based, Dutch designer, Borre Akkersdijk’s fashion show reminds us of them! There’s even a Tim Burton-esque feel about the ‘coming to life’ of the technicolor coat at the very end, with The Nightmare Before Christmas’ Oogie Boogie not far from thought.

Images via byBorre

The educational, in a sense, video, that is an explanation or behind-the-scenes of the production process of the clothing, seaways beautifully into the live runway show titled ‘the First cycle – the story from the yarn to the show’. In the words of the designer, “The fabric is created all by itself on the circular knitting machine…The color came out of the limited amount of colors I could use in the organic cotton but by mixing yarns I could create almost any color – it was like mixing paint…” We love this analogy!

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