Philippe Ramette's Gravity Defying Photographs


One quick glance and you might probably say ‘meh. shopped…’. Well, you got it wrong because Philippe Ramette does his self portraits with analogue effects resulting in jaw dropping, breathtaking, and gravity defying photographs.

Photos via Xippas

Born in 1961, French artist Philippe Ramette defies gravity and reality with unique photographs that show him, standing or sitting on strange angles achieving a surreal feel in his compositions. Starting out as a sculptor, he built metal support structures to help hold him in these anti-gravity angles.

Philippe Ramette’s metal support structures. Photos via

Philippe’s photographs were taken by his collaborator, Marc Domage. One of the photos above show an analogue camera set up on a tripod as Philippe’s team prepare their visual illusion. Here are some of their works:

Photos via Xippas

Ramette also has an upcoming exhibition of his works at Galeria Xippas in Paris on February 4 to March 31. For more information, you may visit

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