CopyCat Nat #1: cinzinc


I’ve re-started an idea that I’ve had for a long time; transforming lomographic photographs from our community into paintings! I did my first painting almost a year ago, but I thought it deserved some explanation. Read more about it after the break!

I remember being extremely bored on a cloudy afternoon last year, flicking through photos on Lomography with nothing else better to do. I was in the popular section of photos taken by the LC-A+, at the time, it was the camera I wanted most. I was drooling of course, over the beautiful images, and liking all of my favorites.

And then, I stopped on one particular photo, one by cinzinc. It was black and white, and dimly lit. The subject was a girl, her silhouette. There was just enough light going through the thin, flowery drapes to let the observer see the curves on her body. Her face, though, was blocked from view by her arms, and in the dark. It was perfect.

Credits: cinzinc

At the time, acrylic paint was all I had, with a limited amount of paint brushes. Even so, I decided that this photo would be the first one of a series I had previously called “Acrylic Perspective”. So I sat down in front of the computer with the picture, and started to paint. Black paint, thin brush, stroke after stroke. Outlines of the curtains, the folds of the drapes. Lumps and rumples in the bed sheets, switching brushes every so often. Streaks, lines, uneven, copying the photo bit by bit. The paint dried quickly, leaving rough dots across the background, speckled, streaks of curtains.

And then, I started on her. The bun on the top of her head, only slightly messy, blending into her arms. The curves of the fingers required a smaller brush, so I switched. Continuing on, I outlined her shoulders, the curve in her back, and down the rest of the way. In the same way, I outlined the other side with a thin brush and blended it into the folds of the bed. Black paint, filling in the silhouette, the acrylic paint dried with a rough touch. I added small amounts of white to the curtains and the curves in her body.

Lifting the brush off of the paper, I realized I had been sitting at the computer table for a while. My hand was sore from gripping the paint brush tightly, to keep it from slipping and ruining the painting. I decided after examining it, that it was finished. Quite satisfied with the way my first “copy” had turned out, I waited for it to dry, and then I scanned it.

Creative crafts and words by Natalie Fong. Originally from Taipei, Taiwan. Natalie now lives in Honolulu, Hawaii. Read more of the Copycat Nat series.

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  1. natalieerachel
    natalieerachel ·

    @cinzinc :D

  2. cinzinc
    cinzinc ·

    yes I saw the painting. I'm flattered and honored! Thank you! And keep up the lomo creativity! =)

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