Self-portrait Workshop in Switzerland

Self-portraits/portraits of daily life

Self-portraits/portraits of daily life

May 27-28, June 3-4 & June 10-11, 2008

Renens, Switzerland

Place & Participants:

Association du Relais/Impulsion/Accord in Renens, Switzerland,

Impulsion is a non-for-profit organization aiming to help young adults with difficult backgrounds (addictions) to find new directions and socio-economic autonomy through various activities such as artistic workshops.

The workshop is held by our LomoAmigo Sandra Nydegger.

She is a self-taught photographer originally from Switzerland, who lives and works in Brooklyn, NY.

Her work includes documentary and fine arts projects and series that have been exhibited in the United States and Europe, and published in various magazines and books.

The theme of the workshop will be Self portrait and portraits of life using the LCA+ camera.

Objectives of the workshop are to develop and show an aspect of oneself, ones environment and everyday life.

The workshop intends to promote the sense of improving self-confidence by daring to show these aspects, developing the imaginary self and discovering the LCA+ as a tool to improve photographic technique in general at the same time.


-Traditional self-portrait by aiming at the camera against oneself (with the hand or on tripod)

-Use of mirrors, shadows, play with light and reflections

-Portrait of the environment of the participants, their observations of their everyday life while being included in one way or another in the image

The workshop will result in an exhibition of the work at Impulsion.

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