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It’s not a question of putting a face to a name but of putting a face to a photo. In ‘Behind Photographs’, a series by commercial and editorial photographer Tim Mantoani, the photogs behind some of our age’s most iconic photographs are the subject, each exposing the individual responsible for images that have, since their publication, been burned into our memory.

Images via Wired

In the words (that couldn’t be put any better) of Mantoani: “It was important to step back and understand that cameras didn’t make these photos, photographers made these photos…without these people and their understanding of photography, these moments would not be there for us to understand and appreciate over the course of time."

The names of the photojournalists featured in the photographs above, holding their striking photos, are as follows: Jeff Widener, Steve McCurry, Neil Leifer, Bill Eppridge, Elliot Erwitt, Brent Stirton, Brian Smith, Douglas Kirkland:, Harry Benson, Karen Kuehn, Lyle Owerko, Mark Seliger, Mary Ellen Mark, and Al Wetheimer.

And the, likely, more known photographs, in comparison to the ones that snapped them, that comprise the collection of photos within photos, range from ‘The Tank Man of Tienanmen Square’ to The Beatles engaging in a gleeful pillow fight! There are 158 photographer portraits total, all of which can all be found in the book Behind Photographs. And while the images are only available in bound form, for now, Mantoani states he’d like to exhibit them.

Information for this article was taken from an article in Wired.

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