Ohsu Kannon [Ohsu Deity of Mercy]


The Town of Ohsu was originally built around Ohsu Kannon.

Both the devil and Buddha are here. Town of Ohsu was originally built around Ohsu Kannon. Without Kannon, there would not be Ohsu. Without Ohsu, there would not be Nagoya today.

First, we visited and prayed to Kannon. Here in Japan, we pray to god when we make a wish or when we take exam. Each temple or shrine has different god and prayer has to choose to whom to pray depending on his/her wish. Ohsu Kannon is known for curing feminine ailment, but let’s not be distracted by details and pray to millions of gods! It’s the Japanese way!

Ohsu Kannon is one of the three biggest holy Kannon sites. Ohsu Kannon also has Shinpukuji Athenaeum (a.k.a. Ohsu Library) and has lots of books that are designated as national treasure or important cultural property. Say Oissu! (friendly way of saying hello) to Mr. Kannon and library. Japanese loves taking group photos! We take group pictures anywhere we go! Say Oissu! to those who are taking group photos!

It is considered as disrespectful to pose in Buddha statue abroad, but Japan has culture of tolerance. Saying Oissu to Buddha is okay too…I guess.

Pigeon is our last resort to spread our belief to the world. Fly pigeons! Deliver our Oissu!, correction, smiles to the world! We sometimes need to chase and wake up these messengers of peace. They are getting lazy staying in this peaceful town of Ohsu. Fly pigeons to the world!!

Paper lantern is loved by people since early times.

Asakusa in Tokyo has a huge paper lantern but Ohsu also has one. Paper lantern has been used not only as lighting tool, but also as the light to illuminate people’s direction during ceremony of both birth and funeral.

The big lantern that illuminates the future of Nagoya.

I hope it will shine a light on people’s smile in the world.

The roof of the shrine has cycloid curve. This curve is not just decorative but is functional which strews raindrops to the ground quickly! How smart!

As the Internet spreads globally, we tend to think things globally.

However, what is important is the smile of people around you. I will spread Oissu with people in Ohsu.

Even if Oissu cannot put a smile on everyone, we can smile if there is Lomo!

Thanks for your existence, thanks for your survival, LC-A!!

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    Another nice gallery !

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    what a great review, takuji!

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    thanks guys!
    the gallery includes my shots, but review are mainly written by chant0m0. nice texts :)

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    chant0m0, I love your style of writing!

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