Lomography Journey in Nagoya (Japan)


As a part of LC-A 25th anniversary celebration projects, 3 Japanese Lomographers organized “Lomography Journey” in Nagoya area! Enjoy!

LC-A+ Journey to nowhere

wbyn organized the LC-A+ Journey to nowhere. They walked around the Nagoya TV tower, river park and central park in Nagoya with smiles! Here is wbyn’s report!

We met each other for the first time.

We were nervous at first.

We eventually opened up to each other while we took a walk in downtown Nagoya and had smile on our faces.

The miracle that we came across through LC-A+

I made an animation to express such feeling in “a moment” when I saw a pleasant memory in a photograph.

Our journey to nowhere.

A trip as if it was multiple exposed.

A trip that never ends.

Please see more information from wbyn's journey site

Lomography Journey Ohsu

chant0m0 organized “Lomography Journey Ohsu”.
Both the devil and Buddha are here. The town of Ohsu was originally built around Ohsu Kannon. Without Kannon, there would not be Ohsu. Without Ohsu, there would not be Nagoya today. check the journey site and also the location of Ohsu

yukijiro organized “POINTS AND LINES JOURNEY” and it’s from the Nagoya station a.k.a Meieki to the surrounding area.

A journey with no plan, we go-as-we-please.

A journey that connects sights dotted all over Nagoya city


Let’s start from Meieki, Don’t be square to call it “Nagoya station”

THIS IS “MEIEKI!!” Meieki, a humongous terminal & the biggest high-rises in Nagoya

No.1 & No.2 – Nana-chan, our favorite in Meieki welcomed us

No.3 & No. 4 – Twisted appearance of Spiral Tower out side

No. 5 & No.6 – JR Central Towers are the tallest station building in the world!!

No. 7 & No.8 – An artwork that everyone stops by

No.9 Next is Sakae, the biggest downtown area in Nagoya. Hisaya Ohdohri Koen, a.k.a. Central Park! Feel quite a New Yorker and let’s take a walk. Giant tower is TV tower, the landmark in Nagoya.

No.10 & No.11- Here, an instant miniature tower to show respect for the tower

No.12 & No.13 Aqua spaceship (big roof) will catch your eyes at Oasis 21. A shopping mall with Ferris wheel on its outer wall.

No. 14 – No. 20 We finally arrive at Nagoya Port. Ocean gateway which supports one of the largest industrial towns… and also is a recreation area for people in Nagoya.

The retired antarctic expedition ship now is a museum. Bowmark of ferry on the pier! A theme park for free!

Ferris wheel I look up in a gentle sea breeze.

Sights in Nagoya, connected 3POINTS. All of them are loved and filled with smiles. A line that connects these 3POINTS is a happy line that connects smiles of people.

Which point shall we connect next?

Let’s take a walk with your camera

Let’s go on a journey which connects heart to heart

Connect each other with POINTS AND LINES in Nagoya

You can check more picture from the journey web site

written by takuji on 2009-05-23 #news #event


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