Aerial Photo-Collage Panoramas


These spheres aren’t perfect. Why’s that? Well, it’s because the objects jutting out of the perfect circle cause the jaggedness. These objects are skyscrapers, bridges, antenna and even the sky! How can the sky be angular, or even have a assignable form? If it’s made of rectangular bits of paper, that’s how!

Dutch photographer Wouter van Buuren is also…an acrobat! He climbs to the highest heights, which is naturally a risk and evokes images of high-wire walkers, to collect a bunch of bird’s-eye view shots of the city he’s chosen as his subject, both urban and rural. Here’s what results…

Images via Wouter van Buuren

He pastes the mass of photos, of the massive architectural features that can only be viewed in their entirety from way up above, together in a unique manner, to form a globe. A entire city, or just a special street, is transformed into a little planet. What a different perspective van Buuren presents us with, with the panoramic photo collages shown in the exhibit Scapes.

Wouter has been at his ‘total landscape’ creations since 2006 and has climbed, and created with, cities in the Netherlands, the United States, and China. Not to be overlooked are his green, rural landscape, compositions!

The exhibition is currently showing at the Witzenhausen Gallery in Amsterdam and will end on February 4.

This article was inspired by a post in Laughing Squid.

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