Safari Film Photography Tips

Planning to go on a safari adventure? Before you leave, make sure that you are ready to take awesome wildlife photos. Here are a few tips to get you started.

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Follow Regulations
If you’re on a safari tour, make sure to follow regulations. You wouldn’t want to put yourself in danger while trying to photograph the animals. Avoid making noise to prevent animals from being startled.

Bring Extra Batteries and Films
When going on a safari adventure, it’s always better to have an excess of films and batteries. You wouldn’t want to miss a great shot just because you’ve ran out of film. Bring various types of film to capture wildlife in vivid colours or in dramatic black and white.

Natural Light
The best time to take photos of wildlife is during sunrise and sunset. You’ll be able to capture the animals in action, since they are most active during these times. Also, the natural light will help you achieve vibrant colors on your film photos.

Be Patient
One of the key elements in taking great safari photographs is patience. You have to wait for the right moment to get a winning shot! Frolicking cubs, a lion in mid-yawn, these are the shots that are worth waiting for.

Take photos of the animals in different ways. You can choose to focus on the animal itself, but remember that you are in the great outdoors and this is also a good chance to include the natural habitat of the animals.

These are just some safari tips that you could keep in mind when you go on your safari adventure. Meanwhile, here are some photos of animals from our community:

Credits: saviorjosh, xaviru, gemmalouise, pingus, muddymire, zulupt, let-life-live, julia_adele & satriaramadhan

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