Go Wild With Lomography Valentine's Edition Cameras


Take a bolder approach this Valentine’s Day – express your love with the Lomography Valentine’s Edition cameras! Choose from three wild animal prints – Diana F+ Zebra, Diana Mini Leopard and Fisheye No. 2 Python!

If roses and chocolates as Valentine’s Day gifts make you yawn, Lomography offers a naughtier alternative for you – the new Lomography Valentine’s Edition cameras. Inspired by the most ferocious animals, these snappers will take jawdropping photos that will lure you into a wild analogue romance!

  • Diana F+ Zebra – Dressed up in a fresh green coat with zebra stripe details. Captures dreamy, soft-focused photos! Get yours now!
  • Diana Mini Leopard – Don’t be deceived with its cuteness – this sweet and petite camera will roar with its square and half-frame images! Get yours now!
  • Fisheye No. 2 Python – S-s-s-sneaking out of the jungle and into the 180-degree pond to give you barrel-distorted fisheye shots! Get yours now!

written by shhquiet on 2012-01-26 #news #animal #wild #valentine #diana-mini-leopard #fisheye-no-2-python #diana-f-zebra


  1. paulamonteiroh
    paulamonteiroh ·

    Like zebras :)

  2. carmengraphy
    carmengraphy ·

    Beautiful editions!!! wild and cool! ;)

  3. toffeeish
    toffeeish ·

    :O SEXY!!!

  4. toffeeish
    toffeeish ·

    :O SEXY!!!

  5. cornborn
    cornborn ·

    I must honestly say I don't really like any of these. I would have loved for lomography to bring back last year's Diana Mini Valentine's edition, the "Love Is In The Air" clone though. Guess it's all a matter of personal taste.

  6. capitu
    capitu ·

    awwww leopard is soooo cute

  7. naomiwonderland
    naomiwonderland ·

    I got the Diana F+ Zebra in today's Safari Costume "Rumble" in Barcelona!! Thank youuu it's love!

  8. lisa-lisa
    lisa-lisa ·

    Ha, I´ve already covered my Diana F+ in fake fur zebra since half a year *-* looks great :)

  9. lomonesia
    lomonesia ·

    i like the Diana F+ Zebra&La Sardina & Flash - Orinoco Ochre

  10. george97
    george97 ·

    The fish eye 2 Python is very cool but i wish they made a design for the fish eye 1

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