Rashad Alakbarov: Shadows and Light


Rashad Alakbarov, an artist from Azerbaijan, creates shadow art by using semi-transparent objects and materials. His work is featured in an exhibition until the 29th of January. See more after the break.

Image via Insane Twist

Rashad Alakbarov has made some amazing shadow art with the use of transparent paper, everyday materials, and recycled objects. For the photo above, he folded transparent paper and formed airplanes. He then suspended them from the ceiling in various heights to create a colorful scene on the wall. For the first photo, the same concept was used but water bottles were suspended instead of transparent paper to form a face. For the other installations, he used other recycled materials such as old boxes, CDs, screws, to create words on the wall and a skyline. Take a look at some of the photos and see the details for his exhibition below.

Images via Insane Twist

Phillips de Pury & Company
Fly to Baku, Contemporary Art from Azerbaijan
Howick Place, London
Exhibition is open until January 29, 2012

Information for this article was taken from Phillips de Pury and This is Colossal.

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