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Coming from the (Ukraine-based) Fed factory that’s known for its well-crafted cameras, The Fed 2 is a series of rangefinder cameras with six variations – Fed 2a, Fed 2b, Fed 2c, Fed 2d, Fed 2L, and Fed 2e. The differences between these models are minimal – only a few adjustments, mostly design-related. Later models are improved with a self-timer, and a diopter adjuster, which allows the photographer to adjust the viewfinder’s magnification according to their vision. Like the other Feds in the family, it boasts the much-revered Industar lens, famous for producing sharpness, contrast, and high resolution.

Image by Serge Serebro from Wikimedia Commons.

Looks-wise, you can tell that the Fed RFs are patterned after the Leica. Quality-wise, the Fed RF can match the German Leica, too. A successful span of over 70 years in the camera business proves this, selling over 700,000 units of the Fed 1 during its heyday!

So what makes the Fed 2 different from its ancestor? The Fed 2 is completely redesigned, in efforts to divert from the origins of the Fed – as a Leica II clone. The redesign provided more convenience – no more switching between two windows to focus and frame, thanks to the longer RF base of 67mm and a coupled viewfinder/rangefinder window. Additionally, loading up a film has been made simpler, with its detachable back – a feature similar to the Contax Kiev camera.

For anyone who’s ever dreamed of owning a Leica, consider the more reasonably priced, but equally-sharp Fed 2. An avid rangefinder collector named Stephen Rothery has this to say – “[The Soviet Fed 2] has taken everything that was good about German pre-war cameras and created an unknown timeless classic which is in a league of its own."

Check out the Fed 2 here.

Credits: deje, sirio174, systemdevice, keith4, gorics & jazztrio2014

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  1. fuzztone04
    fuzztone04 ·

    The FED 2 was one of the first cameras I bought a couple of months ago, and I absolutely love it. It takes very sharp and contrasty pics. And if you're looking for accesories for it, many of them can be found for dirt cheap on Ebay. I bought a Jupiter 100mm telephoto lens for my FED and I spent all of 10 dollars on the lens. A great camera for someone just starting out.

  2. psychicd
    psychicd ·

    my 1st RF 2 of it with different lens..26m and 61L/D..

  3. akhirah
    akhirah ·

    My first Rangefinder and prolly the only one I ever need! Found one that is like brand new and used for 8 years traveling around the world faultlessly!

    The smell and shutter sound of the camera is addictive and personal hopefully not due to the radioactivity all of them have on the body from the nuclear factory it came out of!

    Takes amazing color and b&w, never even have a filter on the 52mm 2.8 , recently went to Japan and the locals were amazed to see such a camera still in use!

    Sharp, crisp image and well built!

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