My Most Memorable Travel Escapades of 2011: Santa Barbara

I LOVE Santa Barbara in December because it doesn’t feel like December. Slip into your flipflops and cruise State St., Stern’s Wharf and along the waterfront for some breathtaking landscapes. I lived her for five years so there is nothing more amazing to me than going home for a visit.

On the Central Coast of California, Santa Barbara enjoys a slightly warmer climate all-year round. Want to go to a farmer’s market in December? You got it, because they happen almost daily year round. Downtown Santa Barbara is sweltering with adorable shops and palm trees. In December, the city wraps palm trees (big and small) with Christmas lights. These made for an amazing bulb exposure with a Diana F+ Instant back.

Stern’s wharf sprawls into the ocean and provides amazing sunset views.

The town is rich with culture, art and history. There are a number of museums and the Santa Barbara Mission waiting to be explored on film.

One of my favorite things about cruising town is the landscaping. Flowers are blooming in a variety of colors.

The small town also boasts of amazing architecture, such as this oddly-designed house (conveniently across the street from one of two downtown camera stores)

If you want to venture from downtown and see a little bit of youth and counter-culture, the college town of Isla Vista lies a 20-minute drive north on the 101. In addition to being a beach-side college community, the college life and art make for interesting subjects.

Put your toes in the sand and be sure to bring plenty of film!

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