In Between Work Duties: On My Way to Ann Siang Hill

On my last visit to Singapore, I was there for work, mainly to cover the ongoing Singapore Sun Festival, a local event celebrating the art of living well. It wasn’t my first time to visit Singapore but what was different this time around was that I didn’t have anyone with me during the trip so I was free to roam around wherever I pleased.

Before going on this business trip, I made sure to check out a few places which I could squeeze in during the random breaks that were allowed in my itinerary. It’s a good thing that I’m always enthusiastic when it comes to finding the time to roam around and (ahem, ahem) shop. hehe…

I stayed at Klapsons Boutique Hotel, which is located at Tanjong Pagar. I wasn’t familiar with the place prior to this trip so I tried to look up places nearby or at least where the nearest MRT station is located just in case the organizers of the event need me to be at the hotel ASAP.

One of the places/stores that I was excited to check out was The Little Drom Store, which is located at Ann Siang Hill. I actually just stumbled upon it through one of my favorite fashion bloggers, and the store’s concept and the stuff that they have are definitely right up my alley.

Unfortunately or fortunately (for me), I’ve never been to Ann Siang Hill before so I wasn’t particularly sure how I’d be able to go there from the hotel. I didn’t want to waste cab money, so thankfully, we drove past by it when the hired driver (for the event) took me back from the Esplanade and back to the hotel. And lo and behold, it was actually quite near – and of walkable distance, at least for me. So I planned on visiting it the following day.

As I was just going to walk all the way there, I made sure that I have my cameras with me so that I’d be able to take photos as well. On my walk, I realized that I’m going to the direction of the local Chinatown, which was comforting to know because at least I was in familiar territory (and there’s a nearby MTR should I want to go to Orchard hehe).

Anyway, it was hot. The sun was shining at its brightest so it was quite disappointing when I got to the store a little too early because it was still closed (d’oh). And because I didn’t want to pass on the opportunity of checking it out, I “lingered” a little bit, going round and round the area, which resulted to the various snapshots featured here. (Oddly, I don’t have an actual picture of The Little Drom Store >_<)

So what did I do aside from walk and walk and walk? I had some dimsum at a hawker center, I bought some dried meats to bring home and to snack on for later, I bought some touristy items such as flag pins because my boyfriend collects those, and then I was back at The Little Drom Store. hehehe… By the way, inside the store is where you’ll also find K ki, a quaint cafe specializing on cakes.:D I didn’t get to try it though because I found it quite lonely to sit by myself and have a piece of cake. LOL… So I basically just scoured the store for something cool to bring home. I wanted to get a bunch of stuff but due to budget constraints and my conscience telling me not to over shop, I just got myself a retro Casio watch and a gold animal ring. Hopefully, I’ll get another chance to visit it – and Singapore soon.:)

(I have like the worst scanner ever, I know. >_<)

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