Holga 135BC: A Perfect Companion

Are you an avid Lomographer thinking if you should buy a Holga? or a beginner in Lomography, deciding which camera should you start with? Read my reviews then, if it might help you a bit :)

Image via Holga Microsite

The Holga is one example of good toy cameras for beginners (as it is very easy to handle) or even for the experienced Lomographers. I am so lucky to have tried shooting with Holga a few times. As there are so many types of Holga cameras out there, the only model I had the chance to try was Holga 135BC, made for 35mm film.

Here’s the specifications of Holga that you should know:

Size: 11.5 × 7.5 × 6.5cm
Weight: 170g
Format: 35mm film (which you could easily get from convenient stores)
Aperture settings: fixed, but you can choose either f/8 or f/11
Shutter speeds: 1/125 and Bulb mode

There are so many reasons to like this camera. Personally, I love Holga 135BC for its ability to create so many art despite its simplicity. The only border is our imagination. So here are the things that I love about this camera:

Deep Vignette

The model’s name is ‘BC’ which stands for ‘Black Corner.’ This camera produces strong vignetting effect on the photos. Holga 135BC has a rear mask on its lens for enhanced “Black Corner” effect. I love the vintage, classic impact by the vignette.

Long Exposure (Bulb Mode)

This is another feature that I like about Holga: the Bulb Mode! Even most toy cameras have this function. You’ll be able to shoot in low-light condition with this feature.

As for this photo above, I took it at night without using flash. I held the shutter for 30 seconds.

Multiple Exposure

What is the relevance of a toy camera if you cannot do multiple exposures? Multiple exposure happens when you combine a few frames on a picture, making it unique and create its own stories.

To conclude, the Holga is a one of kind camera that you should keep on your camera shelf. And for beginners, Holga will be a very good start in your Lomography experience. Believe me!

The Holga 135BC will veil your images in mystery. “BC” stands for “Black Corner”, as this camera creates a shadowy vignette in corners of your photos. See this mysterious beauty in our Shop!

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