Analogue Antics: 30 Amazing Animal Shots


With the Lomography Safari Hunt in full swing, we thought it would be fun to show a few of our favorite animal photos. From cute little dogs to pretty intimidating bears, this gallery covers a pretty wide spectrum of creatures. And yes, we do know that not all these are animals in the strict sense, but we just love some of these masks…

Credits: lisi, goldie, mateja, reneg88, filby, herr_zeit, warning, ferbii, clownshoes, shoujoai, lolfox, bravebird, takezzo, spoeker, disdis, nick_benben, jennson, troch & aguigabriela

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written by tomas_bates on 2012-01-24 #lifestyle #animals #safari #wild #lomography #hunt


  1. neanderthalis
    neanderthalis ·

    I love those hairy cows!

  2. spoeker
    spoeker ·

    mmmmmmhhh wild!

  3. takezzo
    takezzo ·

    thanks for featuring my pic. i love shooting animals.... bang, bang!!

  4. mateja
    mateja ·

    Thanks for adding my photo :)

  5. juh
    juh ·

    Those Animal Masks are amazing!

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