Pigging Out at Chinatown's Best

Due to our erratic schedules (and my weird sleeping patterns) my friend Diwi (skyphos) and I rarely get to see each other. Fortunately though, we finally found some time to meet up and exchange overdue Christmas gifts right before Chinese New Year.

Neither of us are actually Chinese but regardless, it didn’t stop us from indulging in a mini celebration of our own. For lunch, we headed to Banawe in Quezon City, a strip that is half-filled with restaurants (mostly Chinese) and stores selling car parts.

As Diwi let me decide on where to eat – and because I woke up late (again), I thought of treating her at Chinatown’s Best Food. It’s one of the popular buffet/Chinese restaurants in the area and is also one of my dad’s personal favorites. Diwi has already tried another popular buffet/Chinese restaurant in Banawe (Tramway) and wasn’t really satisfied with it so I figured she’d have a better time at Chinatown’s Best Food. _

Since I woke up late, we got there at 12:30pm and as expected, it was already packed with diners. Usually big groups of families who are there to fill their tummies to the brim. Thankfully, as there were only two of us, we were able to get seated right away. Never mind if it was at the corner and is quite cramped. Haha…

Crowded buffet section.
The first floor was for the ala-carte dishes.

The buffet costs P548 per head (around USD12), which is actually a good deal already especially since we went there on a Sunday and there were lots of additional dishes on offer.

Since this was my first meal of the day, I didn’t exactly “dig in”, carefully choosing food that won’t cause me an upset stomach. hehe…TMI. For my “first round” I got various dimsum (pork siomai, Japanese siomai, hum sui kok)…then…crispy pata, chao fan, fried fish, braised beef with special mayo – and yes, I was being “selective”. Hehe…In between plate refills, Diwi and I enjoyed catching up and exchanging gifts, I got her a Vivitar camera and some random things while she got me a bunch of my “favorite things” like a handmade Paris-theme pouch, a pocketbac, biscuit sticks, and a whole package of films! It came with a protective film pouch because according to her, I like to travel. LOL…and six rolls of films.:) It’s also in perfect timing though because I’ve almost run out of films.:D

After much gossiping, I had my “second round” then a third for desserts. Hehe…I absolutely loved the leche flan (not really Chinese but it’s just so good :D ). I think Diwi ended up with three plates as well, so I’m taking it as she enjoyed my little treat. hehe…

If you ever find yourself in the area and you’re in the mood to indulge, Chinatown’s Best is definitely one of your best buffet choices in the Banawe area. (They also served Japanese and Filipino dishes aside from the smorgasbord of Chinese dishes.)

First round
Second round

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