Eames, Ice Cube and Positive Pairings

What do Ice Cube and Ray and Charles Eames have in common? The rap artist studied architectural drafting before he made it big in music. In the following video, he pays homage to the visionary designs of the Eames. Besides the collision of Rap and Architecture in Cube, another positive pairing is the Architect and the Painter he so respected.

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In Ice Cube Celebrates the Eames, the rap star presents ‘his’ Los Angeles in the stylized video, introduced with a solid rap beat, played to a birds-eye-view shot of the city of angels. Cube expresses that L.A.’s feats in architecture are some of the best aspects of the city.

Not a fan of McMansions, Cube is instead a fan of the sustainable life. “You gotta use what you got and make the best of it.” He loves the Eames for this reason, for their ability to plan and make structure and nature one. In the video we are taken through Case Study House No. 8 (The Eames House). The Eames’ designs would still have been as popular if they were created today, and as Cube states, of their style of architecture,“this is going green 1949-style.”

And if you haven’t yet come across this documentary released last year, about the Eames, entitled EAMES: The Architect and The Painter, watch the trailer below!

The film is narrated by James Franco and shines light onto the life of the studio the duo founded in L.A. and how they became “one of the great success stories of the post-war era.” Like Ice Cube, who was trained in two different tracks, the fated paths of the painter and architect resulted in revolutionary designs and was thus a positive pairing.

This article was inspired by this post on the design blog Studio Hansen.

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