Getting to Know Brasilia Sky


Two very dear friends of mine invited me to go to the famous city invented by Juscelino: Brasília.

I was never drawn to visit the city that is shaped like a bird – or a plane for those of you who are more into technology. Brasilia is known for many reasons: the constructed city, the city of cars, Brasil’s capital, the city of modern architecture… all that only evoked bureaucracy and coldness.

But I got really curious about this city after I dated a boy that lived there and told me magical tales about Brasilia’s endless sky, about its colours, about the waterfalls, about the fountains where you drink water from and chat until dawn…I then started to want to get to know such an ambiguous place, where still life and nature battle in the landscape.

We bought the tickets one month in advance, arrived in the beginning of December, and stayed over the house of the father of one of my friends, which was located in one of the city’s “wings” in the south.

Photos by Hiperativa

We walked around and went to all the iconic monuments – as would any tourist do. We visited palaces that came in all shapes and sizes; the Cathedral that looks like an igloo and presents itself as a museum; the futuristic bridge and the deserted streets. All these under a different sky light. Not the reddish sky that you see in the west centre of Brazil, but a grey-blue sky from the shy rainfall. Combining this sky with a slide film ISO 100 rendered Brasilia a very futuristic and apocalyptic atmosphere.

We could only capture the plastic flowers from the little market under the famous antenna. And the City Park, which seems like nobody takes care of it since 1970, only had a little field of wild flowers dancing in the wind.

Fotos por Hiperativa

The city in itself is really small, but since everyone has a car it feels empty and distant. People were friendly and had a multitude of accents, indicating that they were from many other parts of the country. But the coldness of the concrete and the geometric lines prevailed in our impression of this city.

I was expecting a bright sky, clear, red, and dry. But instead was gladly surprised by an exceptional and unexpected cloudy, wet blue sky.

The time with my friends was great. We saw a performance by a band from Minas Gerais (the ticket cost us only 10 reais) called Graveola e o Lixo Polifônico, that were singing away our blues with all kinds of Brazilian songs. We also watched a 3-hour performance by a great brass master, Carlos Malta, in Clube do Choro da Cidade.

As always, a trip is only truly worth it if you are in good company – in this case, by a sky worth seeing for yourself.

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translated by anafaro


  1. saidseni
    saidseni ·

    Great article! I can understand what you mean with "coldness". I wouldn't like to live in this city, but I would LOVE to take pictures there someday. Yours are great, congrats!

  2. dutsato
    dutsato ·

    Reparem no endereço da página em inglês! Se o título fosse esse, o texto deveria ser sobre a Assembléia!!!

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