Illustrations of Unlikely Hipsters


These interesting illustrations depict famous artists and movie protagonists, cartoon and comic book characters, as ‘Hipsters’. The Chilean illustrator, Fab Ciraolo, creates beautifully colored, vintage-looking, illustrations and has featured iconic people dressed in what would generally be perceived as ‘Hipster gear’.

Images via Fab Ciraolo

Above are famous individuals wearing articles of clothing way after their time. Besides wearing fashions from the wrong era they are starkly different from what we are used to seeing them in. Ok, so Cleopatra, as portrayed by Elizabeth Taylor, also wore very revealing outfits, and a Leopard-print fur coat had Dali indeed! Surreal? Quite.

Santiago native, Fab Ciraolo, creates using mixed media. He incorporates painting, digital coloring, and photo processing to achieve the ‘things of fantasy’ results, as seen above and below.

Images via Fab Ciraolo

And here are some comic book and animated TV series character renditions. While Jem doesn’t look too out of her element (besides retaining her large 80s hairdo) how bizarre does Space Ghost look with his suspenders and a bow tie? If these heroes had to keep up with the times, and disguise themselves in the modern world, we wonder how difficult it would be for them to engage their superpower of flight, with their somewhat constricting, layer-upon-layer, choice of clothing.

Visit the artist’s blog for more of his fantastical creations.

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  1. jeffr
    jeffr ·

    love this!

  2. tbblogger
    tbblogger ·

    These are all brilliant !!

  3. buttonone85
    buttonone85 ·

    This is awesome

  4. soundfoodaround
    soundfoodaround ·

    Aren't they! I can visualize some of my favorite comic book stars in the faces of crowds at the parties I go to in light of the creations above. :)

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