Let's Take a Stroll at the Manila Chinese Garden

Do you want to see what the Chinese people have to offer in terms of architecture without having to literally fly all the way to China? If so, then visit the Chinese Garden located in Manila, right beside Luneta Park. But in the meantime, go through this post to see a sneak peek of it.

My friend and I discovered the Chinese Garden while we were taking a walk in Luneta Park. The Chinese-style gate carved with amusing designs and engraved with words written in Chinese that welcomes everyone that passes by the place, is what encouraged us to go and see what’s inside.

Inside, you’ll see trees and lagoons, people having picnics, students hanging out, and people like us who just like wandering around places we’ve never been to before. Even if it is not as famous as the Orchidarium or the La Mesa Eco Park, I still find it beautiful because when we went inside, I suddenly felt like I was in China. Only it was hot and sunny. Unfortunately though, I wasn’t able to take much pictures as I only had one roll of film with me during that time, and since there were so many places I wanted to take pictures of, I only took a few at the Chinese Garden.

All in all, it’s a really nice place where you can unwind and relax or have picnics in because of its peaceful and quiet environment, and needless to say, its entrance fee that won’t cost you more than P5.00.

written by kathleenmendoza on 2012-02-01 #places #manila #location #vivitar-uws #fuji-superia-x-tra-400 #luneta-park #requested #art-and-culture #chinese-garden

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