Travel Escapades in 2011: Beijing, China


A couple of days in the capital of China brings endless thrill and enchantment

Beijing in winter is breathtaking. There’s no doubt about it.

The slight tinge of gray in the sky; the fallen leaves and bare branches, everything is beautiful in a different light.

The only thing that hurts is the bitter cold, the unforgiving wind that almost blows you away as you stand in front of Tiananmen Square. You steal a look at the guards stationed around the square and secretly wonder to yourself, “How do they do it?”

And then you just give in to the cold and head out to have some very nice Peking Duck instead. Ah, what a nice way to end the day.

written by scrabbyknees on 2012-02-07 #places #china #location #beijing #urban-adventures #select-type-of-location

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  1. jpbaloga
    jpbaloga ·

    Awesome! By the way, what film(s) did you use ?

  2. scrabbyknees
    scrabbyknees ·

    this roll should have been ektar 100 :) negs

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