Paris of the East: The Bund, Shanghai

A night at the legendary bund, Shanghai, proves to be everything within expectation.

Famed as the ‘Paris of the East’, Shanghai is one of the cities in China that has embraced technology and foreign culture unlike no city within it’s proximity. Expats living there love it for its oriental but quirky charm; Asians on the other hand, love its degree of western influence and sophistication.

A night in Shanghai. It was all I had.
Where should I go? I asked.

A friend who spent a semester studying in Shanghai advised me to spend the night at the Bund. ‘The night view will take your breath away. Quite literally’, he said. And so I took his advice.

Perhaps it’s because modernization and bright city lights; these are not the things that enchant or captivate me. Standing in the middle of the freezing cold, surrounded by the other excited tourists.

I was helplessly underwhelmed. Underwhelmed by the massiveness of it all. Underwhelmed by the beautiful lights that were within my expectation.

The Bund is beautiful, but really nothing spectacular indeed.

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