Noryangjin Fish Market: Seoul's Best


Do you like visiting the market? What about a fish market? The Noryangjin Fish Market is the largest fish market in Seoul and has been selected by the Seoul Metropolitan Government as one of the top 100 must-see sights in Seoul City!

This is my second day in Seoul I’ve decided to visit the Noryangjing Fish Market today! Heading to Noryangjin fish market, you will see a golden building that is the 63 Building.

Credits: chingbibi

This is the first view of the fish market before you get down from the staircase.

Credits: chingbibi
Credits: chingbibi

You can get a wide variety of seafood here!

Credits: chingbibi

This is what I was looking hunting for:

The King Crab!
You can get many types of crabs here like the king crab, snow crab, hairy crab…etc.

After buying some seafood, the fishmonger will ring up the upstairs seafood restaurant and someone will come down and bring us to the restaurant, what we need to do now is sit down and wait, the restaurant will prepare and cook it for us!


Our food is here! It looks yummy! Let’s eat!

Credits: chingbibi

Definitely, the best king crab I’ve ever had! Fresh and sweet! Yummy yummy! Craving for king crab as I type this article! I’m sure I will come back here again!

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  1. mainjune
    mainjune ·

    Nice Chingbibi!! yum yum!

  2. caritademelba
    caritademelba ·

    Nice place to go with my La Sardina Cubic <3

  3. joyceyjoyce
    joyceyjoyce ·

    oh that market is a lomo dream!!

  4. chingbibi
    chingbibi ·

    @mainjun, thanks~ :)
    @ caritademelba @joycejoyce> yes, a nice place for lomo :)

  5. jiyoung_sung
    jiyoung_sung ·

    Good job, girl!
    I really like your photos.

  6. chingbibi
    chingbibi ·

    @jiyoung_sung> Kamsahamnida! :D

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