Cebu Tripping, Philippines


Cebu city has a lot to offer to tourists. Everything from cultural, historical and relaxation! You could almost visit their tourist spots in a single day!

Cebu is a great city to visit during your holiday. There’s something to do for every one of all ages. During the day you could visit some of the country’s historical places, and during the night you could indulge yourself to great cuisine.

Taoist temple: A Buddhist temple located in a hillside residential area. This temple is very much any temple you would see in China, a lot of shrines for their Gods, great architecture, and still a calm place despite its location.

Magellan’s Cross: The very same cross that the spaniard, Ferdinand Magellan, planted when he came to the land of the Philippines which dates back to the year 1521. The cross is housed in a chapel very nearby the Santo Nino Church. But take note, the cross from Magellan is encased in another cross to protect it from being chipped away by visitors.

Santo Nino Church: The image of Santo Nino has been a symbol for Cebu city for many centuries. Inside the church you will find great religious art of all sorts, and you could feel the Holy presence all throughout the vicinity. There are many myths surrounding the Santo Nino Church, and many believe that the Santo Nino performs miraculous acts when prayed upon. Thousands of visitors line up to pray and touch the statue of Santo Nino.

Fort San Pedro: This fort was built by the Spaniards in the year 1565. It is actually the smallest and oldest fort in the Philippines. The fort had served many purposes such as being a prison, and being a place for the American army back in the day. Today, you could find many pictures and stories in the small museum of Fort San Pedro.

Heritage of Cebu Monument: This is where you could see the history of Cebu all together in one spot, it was inaugurated in the year 2000. Great monuments are displayed with visuals of triumph and victory. It tells a story of the important events which symbolizes Cebu, and the monuments are a dear to look at.

Also, Cebu has a great beach to offer, and their cuisine is simply scrumptious! Cebu is unlike any other city in the Philippines, don’t be afraid to walk their streets, the people are helpful and caring. Hospitality at Cebu is very much rich in care.

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  1. stouf
    stouf ·

    N°2 looks like a dream !!!

  2. cinzinc
    cinzinc ·

    thanks! yeah that shot was a resort which was man-made (majority). and that little island was surrounded by hotel rooms, pretty cool resort

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