Lomography Journey in Tokyo & Yokohama


3 Japanese Lomographers organized “Lomography journey” in Tokyo and Yokohama. Each journey had at least 5 participants! We would like to recommend lots of great places to go when you have a chance to visit Japan! Enjoy!

As a part of the LC-A 25th anniversary celebration projects, 7 Japanese Lomographers organized “Lomography journey” in 4 big cities in Japan, while 3 of the most active Lomographers in Tokyo & Yokohama organized the journey events! Enjoy!

2 Lomographers, shooooter & orangebird, held the Lomography journey in Tokyo. Let’s see the shooooter’s journey below:

The metropolitan government (by shooooter)

Shinjuku is one of the biggest cities in Japan, and this is the heartland of Tokyo. This city has a Tokyo metropolitan government and various office buildings… Please check the location of the metropolitan government

Around Shibuya Station (by shooooter)

Japanese trends are always born in this city, so there are a lot of young people who are sensitive to fashion. When we arrived there, we were already hungry, so off we went for lunch. We divided two groups. One group ate noodles, and the other did beef bowls. These are Japanese fast foods. Their themes are early, be cheap, and delicious. Of course, we didn’t forget to shoot while eating.

After the lunch we took pictures in Shibuya, and the city has various view points. For example, the wall painting which drawn by Taro Okamoto in the Shibuya station, the diagonal crosswalk that is as famous as ‘Abbey Road’ of the Beatles in Japan, and a standard meeting place front of the statue of the loyalty dog Hachi. We gathered there, too.

There were many people everywhere, and we seemed to misunderstand for the festival to be held in Shibuya. But we were not afraid to shoot in the crowd. Because we think Lomo is always state-of-the-art of the age. So the Future is Analogue! After took pictures of Shibuya, we went to next shooting spot, the Tokyo Tower.

Tokyo Tower

The panoramic views of the greater Tokyo area from the Tokyo Tower always amazed people in Tokyo. Needless to say, the Tokyo tower is a symbol of Tokyo… Please check the location of Tokyo Tower

Minami-Aoyama Area

Minami Aoyama is one of the fanciest area in Tokyo. Let’s say in Japan! And our favorite shop, Lomography Gallery Shop Tokyo, is located in this area. On the way to the shop we just kept shooting pictures, of course!

When we arrived at the Lomography Gallery Shop Tokyo, our fatigue was lost. The Lomo shop is very creative and innovative. So we often go to the shop and forget the time; we never feel bored. However, we have to be careful not to buy all the cameras and accessories at once!

We enjoyed shooting in the store, but also the front of it. It is natural that the last picture of our Lomography Journey was a group shot. And finally our journey was over. I thanked the members who joined the Lomography Journey. Their names are cheechee, Kaori, Kuuri, GANGAN, meimei, Miyabist, Miyah, rie, and roko*. I want to say again ‘Thank you for joining the Lomography Journey.’ And we realized that all we need are Lomo and Peace!
Lomography Journey Shitamachi

Orangebird held a Lomography Journey Shitamachi. Shitamachi means a traditional neighborhood! They used the community bus “Megurin” and went around Ueno, Yanaka and Asakakusa, a traditional neighborhood in Tokyo, by getting off on the way wherever they would like. They visited not only popular spots, but also old / historical places. They explored city and found good, traditional Japanese shops and streets, making them feel nostalgic! It’s always great to have some good friends to do these activities together.
Please check the home of Orangebird for more information.

Lomography Journey Yokohama
meimeiflower organized “Lomography Journey Yokohama”. Yokohama is one of the most popular tourist spots in Japan. 150 years ago, Yokohama port was opened to foreign countries. This year, Yokohama is hosting many events celebrating its 150th anniversary of opening Yokohama port to foreign countries. On April 18th, meimeiflower held an event, “Lomography Journey” in Yokohama. On that day, 5 lomographers (meimei,miya,shuta,GANGAN,yonko) met in Yokohama.

We walked in Yokohama Bayside area, (Yamate, China town,Motomachi, Yamashita-park, Redbrick warehouse, Minato-mirai.) and shot many pictures!

First, we went to Yamate area. Yamate area is the most famous place in Yokohama. In Yamate area, there are lots of old European style houses and some scenic parks. Then, we went to Motomachi Park and Minato-no-mieru-oka Park. We snapped people & places. We had a great time in this area!

After Yamate area, we went to Yokohama China Town & Yamashita Park. Yokohama Chinatown is the biggest Chinatown in Japan and there are various tasty foods here! We ate Chinese foods and had some Chinese beer. In the Yamashita Park, we took a walk with cameras. There were various kinds of flowers and they were so beautiful! The Yamashita Park is located near from the port and we could see the Pacific Ocean from there. We ate Yokohama-Bashamichi ice cream which is very tasty ice cream originated in Yokohama. Of course we took a lot of pictures in Yamashita Park too!
At last, we went to Yokohama Minato-Mirai area. In Minato-Mirai area, there are many tall buildings and historical architecture. One of the most famous historical architectures in Japan in Minato-Mirai area is Red-brick-warehouse and Yokohama Landmark Tower. We snapped these buildings too. Shuta knew special place for taking Minato-Mirai area’s picture. We went there and we jumped! We got very tired … but we enjoyed very much!

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    Great journeys in Japan! Thanks to share it with so many pictures! :)))

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    These are awesome shots !!!

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    You guys take awesome pictures!!! :)

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