Botanical Garden (Botanisk Have)


The Botanical Garden in Copenhagen is owned by University of Copenhagen, and has a history that goes back to 1600. As the garden, the university and the city developed, it was moved from location to location until October 9th 1874, when the garden opened in its present location. Close to Nørreport Station, it’s open during the day and entry is free.

A quiet retreat in the middle of the city, the Botanical Garden is somewhat of a contrast to the nearby park, Kongens Have, which is full to brimming all summer with picnic-goers, beer drinkers and sunbathers. The Botanical Garden attracts a quieter sort of crowd; couples out for a stroll and people reading or studying on the benches in the sunshine.

The open garden contains plants and trees from the temperate regions of the world, with areas reminiscent of different environments: pine forests with steep paths, a heather covered mountain area and a lake in the center. The greenhouses are devoted to plants originating in warmer or cooler environments, arctic, alpine or tropical.

Most prominent in the garden is the Palmhouse from 1874, drawn by Peter Christian Bønnecke. Enclosing an area of 2400 sq. meters, this greenhouse complex was an impressive structure in its day, and it’s still one of the most beautiful features of the garden. The contrast of the cast iron and glass construction and the tropical rain forest inside – light filtering through the foliage, the humidity and smell of decay lends a surreal beauty to the place.

Photography is allowed, but no tripods, and no traffic outside of the paths.

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