Sto Niño de Basilica de Cebu and Magellan's Cross


The Santo Niño de Cebú (“Holy Child of Cebu”) is a Roman Catholic depiction of the Child Jesus, similar to the Infant Jesus of Prague, and other venerated statues.

Last April my friends and I, “backpacked” all the way to the Queen City of the South. It was actually their first time to visit Cebu and since I’ve been here before. I acted as a tour guide for them. We just rented a place downtown so our first stop was the Basilica Minore del Sto. Nino which was a walking distance from our place. This is only one among the churches and cathedrals in Cebu City that offers a splendid structure and gives that historical Spanish touch. As expected, many people prayed inside, others just touched the statues of the saints and a few who just passed by and waved to Sto Nino. (I realized this was a tradition for residents and patrons of the child Jesus). There were also patrons outside offering that they would dance for you as a form of prayer to Sto Nino and in turn you can give them a dollar or two for the candles they offered.

It is a goal of every Catholic to pay a visit to Sto Niño here in Cebu. It has always been famous for answering prayers of people. And I’m glad that I was able to come here. Too bad couldn’t take a picture of the insides the altar is magnificent. At the back of the church, is the Replica of the Magellan’s Cross which was planted by Magellan to signify the important event of the propagation of the Roman Catholic faith in Cebu.

It was very fulfilling for us, Catholics, to be able to visit the renowned Sto Nino de Cebu. We didn’t care if the line was long in buying souvenirs from their office, such as prayer books, rosaries and miniature statues of Sto. Nino., as long as we have one to bring back to our hometowns. In addition to that, about 2-3 min walk, was the Magellan’s Cross landmark. The place is so accessible and can be easily reached by tourists like us. I’m glad my friends were happy to finally be.

Sto Nino Church and the Magellan’s Cross are a popular landmark and tourist attractions in visiting Cebu.

Check their website for more info

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