Organize Your LomoKino Films

With my LomoKino I already produced some films, that shouldn’t be cut. To always find them, and to have a possibility to better load them into my LomoKinoscope, I am storing them in film canisters.

Only one film canister came with the LomoKinoscope, and I thought already that it’s a pity to take the film out again after so much winding. So I started thinking, if it couldn’t be replaced by normal film canisters. And it works!

Find some film canisters
I ordered one a big bunch of Solaris 12 picture films for a very cheap price, so I could use those canisters (3 films make one redscale with 36 pictures and two empty canisters). But I think you can also ask in your Photo Lab if they can give you some. Important is, that always a little rest of the film is coming out of the canister.

Fix the film at the canister and wind
With some tape, I fixed the developped E6 film at the little rest which was still fixed in the film canister, and winded it. Like I am always doing it to make redscales at home.

Label the canisters
To distinguish the films later, label the canisters with some details about the films inside. Now they are ready to be stored, or to be loaded in the Lomokinoscope!

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written by shoujoai on 2012-02-03 #gear #tutorials #film #tutorial #storage #tipster #lomokino

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