Fort San Pedro (Cebu City)


Fuerza De San Pedro is a military defense structure, built by Spanish Miguel López de Legazpi and the Spanish Government in Cebu.

I’ve been always fond of visiting historical sites since I get to learn more about my country and get to know famous people PLUS they really look good in lomo shots. Our next stop in our Heritage Walk in Cebu was the Fort San Pedro. It is like mini version of the Corregidor Place also used as barracks a long time ago. This triangular shape fort is so small that it can be toured in less than 30 minutes.

The 1 room museum houses the sculptures, porcelain vases and plates and other artifacts discovered under the sea near the area. You’ll be amazed on how the expeditions went as shown in the framed pictures and feel proud of their hard work for preserving such items.This oldest and smallest fortress in the country now also serves as a park to the public for a minimal fee and special discounts for students. They also have souvenir shops inside and kiosks were you can have snacks.

We paid a nominal fee to enter the fort. One can actually explore the whole area in about 15 min. It has a Museum where Spanish artifacts, documents, paintings, sculptures, sword fragments, cannons, and helmets and Ming porcelain pieces of various sizes are displayed. We found the diggings very interesting.

You can easily get to this landmark thru taxicab or jeepney from downtown as most of them pass this plaza.

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