Masterpieces Reinvented as Sandwiches


Low-Commitment Projects has come up with something grand. It’s simple, and cheesy (but not the ‘cheesy’ you are thinking of). Check out our side-by-side pairings, of the reinvented famous works of art with their buttered, mustard filled, and literally topped with cheese, replicas!

Low-Commitment Projects abides by the slogan “Making stuff happen with little time and energy”. Their new series Sandwich Artist, shown below, is testament to this philosophy!

Mondrian Sandwich, inspired by Piet Mondrian. Image via Low-Commitment Projects

Though it’s likely the sandwich version won’t fetch as high a price at an auction as the classic color blocked painting by Mondrian, it’s topnotch in our book! Though, what’s funny is the dark bread canvas as I know, from experience, that light and airy breads are the norm in the Netherlands, which is where the painter hailed from.

Duchamp Sandwich, inspired by Marcel Duchamp. Image via Low-Commitment Projects

A good thing we’ve placed the Sandwich Artist versions before their inspirations as, in this case, you might be put off the tasty meal after viewing the famous, Dada, urinal!

Pollock Sandwich, inspired by Jackson Pollock. Image via Low-Commitment Projects

Perhaps the clean counter-top, white plate, and piece of bread contain the abstract expressionist spatters of ketchup and mustard much too well to emulate the in-motion action and charge felt when viewing Pollock’s originals, which are on a much grander scale. Though, we like this piece as much as we like slices of cheese (which we do).

O’Keeffe Sandwich, inspired by Georgia O’Keeffe. Image via Low-Commitment Projects

Just as the American modernism movement aimed to do, this sandwich half creation is an experiment, it affirms the power and desire of humans to create and reshape our environment, and is optimistic. The whole project site is progressive, with its low energy designs.

Rothko Sandwich, inspired by Mark Rothko. Image via Low-Commitment Projects

Symmetrical rectangular blocks. Yes, a true Rothko “multiform”. While Rothko recommend viewers stand approximately 18 inches away from the canvas to experience a sense of intimacy, we wonder how Rothko would have recommend you take in the sandwich piece! Perhaps stand at an angle over it, making sure not to get mustard on the tip of your nose!

Hirst Sandwich, inspired by Damien Hirst. Image via Low-Commitment Projects

Damien Hirst, of the Young British Artists movement, is the youngest of the lot of artists featured here. His slice of bread inspiration, however, looks like the oldest, with the green and brown dots of condiments appearing like mold. This one, definitely inspired by his “spot paintings”.

Klimt Sandwich, inspired by Gustav Klimt. Image via Low-Commitment Projects

This one must have been a hard one to do, the only one containing, what we think are, human forms. Symbolism plays a main roll, in this leafy on the bottom work of bread art, as did Klimt, in the Symbolism movement!

Christo and Jeanne-Claude Sandwich, inspired by Christo and Jeanne-Claude. Image via Low-Commitment Projects

Now this doesn’t look too out of the ordinary! Though, it’s genius, as the duo Christo and Jeanne-Claude are known for wrapping large scale objects like trees and even parliament buildings, and so this sandwich which you wouldn’t think twice about being wrapped is cheeky and perhaps appreciated only with an air of snobbery from first having to know about the Christo and Jeanne-Claude pieces!

Johns Sandwich, inspired by Jasper Johns. Image via Low-Commitment Projects

Johns is know for working with mixed media, with fabric and newspaper, to make collages. We wonder if he would have liked the sandwich ‘target’, made of a collage of salami and cheese!

You must be peckish after all those delicious looking creations, so go grab yourself a sandwich and why not play around with your food (this is an exception), try to replicate something inspired by your favorite artists!

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  1. vicuna
    vicuna ·

    funny :)

  2. emperornorton
    emperornorton ·

    I love the Pollock sandwich! But just what is the Modrian sandwich made from? Is it edible?

  3. analogeyes
    analogeyes ·

    those are pretty funny but where is the photography?

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